Old Skool Action Movie Anti Hero

bruce overhead web

Bruce Bennett

bruce photo booth bw web

Illuminated by the photo booth at Magnetic Field

Pirate Jim


Inside the photo booth at Lakeside Lounge



inside the photo booth at Lakeside Lounge

Hat Trick

hat trick

Jack Yarber
Memphis, TN
September 2006

Michael Monroe, 1985

michael at portobello

In Room 6/7 at the Portobello Hotel, London

Shadowy Men, Illuminated

shadowy men 72


Reeves Gabrels

warren doorway 2 grey

Warren Pash

May, 2006

The Teenager From Toronto

dq portrait

David Quinton Steinberg, 1979

Lance Loud

CU lance arms 72

1978, Santa Monica, CA

Idol Reflection

idol reflection

Billy Idol, 1978
see more of Billy at punk turns 30

Nice Hat

jeff evans

Monsieur Jeffrey Evans
Memphis, September 2006

Memphis Men are the Very Best

memphis men

Jack Yarber and Memphis Mike
Memphis, TN, September 2006

Not Afraid of Heights

Robert at the Midsouth Fair
Robert G.
Memphis, TN, October 2006

A Night at the Fair

jack on the ferris wheel

Jack Yarber
on the ferris wheel
Mid South Fair, Memphis, TN
October 2006

Ron Franklin

ron franklin

Memphis, TN
October 2006

Tyler Keith

tyler keith

Scott Rogers

scott rogers



The Shannon Brothers
Tom and David, in their backyard
Columbus, Ohio, June 2006



Ethan aka Camero Werewolf
Williamsburg, NY, August 2006

ethan portrait



Kenny Tudrick
Detroit Cobras
Williamsburg, Brooklyn, August 2006

The Last Honest Men

bruce & billy

Bruce Bennett and Billy Miller

What Year is it Again?

enocky daddy

Vintage Daddies...Rockin Enocky from Japan, and Big Daddy Jay from New Orleans (now Memphis)


leather uppers 9

The Leather Uppers are Dapper!


talbot - cigarette

Talbot Adams
Memphis, Sept. 2006

Nicholas Ray

nick ray

Summer 2006, Brooklyn, NY

Chris Orlando

August 2006, Brooklyn, NY

When He Was Young

Marty Willson-Piper
Malibu, CA 1984

King Khan

Los Angeles, California
November 2005

Handsome Man / Ugly Luggage

Jack at Ugly Luggage, Williamsburg Brooklyn